Our Services

Seeking excellence means reinventing yourself every day. Cromoquim is thus with its collaborators, with its products, services and processes.

Over 30 years developing solutions that reflect total integration in the textile segment, with highly engaged staff, with formulators and technical support customized to each customer's needs, we guarantee agility in order fulfillment and punctuality in deliveries.


We have highly qualified employees dedicated exclusively to research, development, quality control and textile applications.

Information service on legislative changes

We are structured with employees prepared to present to our clients important legislative changes, for example related to the GHS (legislation on safety, health and environment) with a direct impact on the use of our products or mandatory labeling.

Technical support

Our focus is to understand the challenges of our customers and work together to achieve concrete results for all needs.

Through customized solutions and constant monitoring. We are available with consultants and representatives to assist you.

Sales center

With professionals able to meet and expedite your purchases.

Outsourcing of production

Guaranteed solution for the industrialization of its chemical products, with transparency of the operations in general, security of the activities of the professionals involved, secrecy of the information that must be protected by confidentiality, besides seriousness, commitment, valorization and compliance with the agreements and contracts . Our product outsourcing services are specially tailored to the needs of our customer and partners. We offer with our teams and infrastructure multiproposito, services of outsourcing of chemical syntheses, liquid mixtures, dispersions, containers, etc.

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